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Updated:- 01/04/2021

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The regulations surrounding the easing of restrictions from Monday 29th March have been released.

Model flying club sites can reopen from Monday 29th March.

Where a club is operating in a COVID secure manner and has implemented the BMFA 6 Steps to Covid security guidance in full (see ) the gathering limits (Rule of 6) do NOT apply.

It is important to note that after conducting the required COVID risk assessment that a club may need to implement a restriction on numbers to enable the correct social distancing.

For model flying activity outside of the control of a model flying club the gathering limits still apply.

On a side note: If you see a person who you do not recognise over the flying field then please find out if they are a member. If not advise them that they are not allowed to fly and obtain as much information as possible and give to a commitee member, this will keep our site safe.

Club corner...

Hi and welcome to Club corner.

As of 29/03/2021 the club is once again open to flying.  As of this Sunday 4/04/2021 a BBQ is planned (details to follow on Saturday 03/04/2021). But as per Gov and BMFA please follow rules.

Note: A notice board will be displayed within the club house to indicate who has or who has not paid. This is club funds, Flying insurance and CAA membership.  If not paid any of these them please do so now.

Safe flying and follow BMFA/Gov rules...